Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Embroidery :D

i'm learning it this few days. looks like very easy but not really..haha
need alot patient & time. Soon I will sell my embroidery handmade in
Pipit Wonderful Market

Venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market
date : 7th May 2011
time : 12pm ~ 7pm


Taddaaa~ My embroidery tools
(this is just a small part of it)
Owh well, I spent alot again :(
I'm thinking of buying a small sewing machine, but quite expensive ..
RM700-RM1000++ Not Cheap!! so small why so expensive. lol
so the pouch is all is HAND sew. sakit dan lambat
Mayb after I explore on it first only buy. if not waste money again.

My Sketch on the fabric. Inspired by a Japan girl :3


Done! do you how long it took me how many hours on this small pouch??
!!!!!!10 HOURS!!!!!
actually the ribbon i'm going to remove it cus I don't really like it.
what you think? with ribbon or without nicer?
Gals, I need your opinion :)

Since the front have too many embroid so
i decided the back just use some simple lace to deco.

Alright, here is the second 1, all I want is simple.
so just embroid a few simple flower on it.
my bf & I like this 1 if compare to the top1.
what about you? which1 you prefer? :)

My 2 babies. haha

Lil Sheep with 3D fluffy knot on it's body.
very nice to touch.

Tadaaa! a button/hairclip. I will do more different
animal/flower to sell on Pipit wonderful market on May 7th.
come & grab it if you really want to ^^

I lurve christmas! so I decided to create some snowflakes pattern as well.
hope you like it too :D

Tada, a snowflakes button is done!

Don't forget come to support me at

Venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market

date : 7th May 2011

time : 12pm ~ 7pm



Babe-phyLlis said...

很喜欢你最新的东西~但,唯一不喜欢的是,布是用浅色的~~ 因为我个人怕脏~ 虽然是很美,但没耐久~ 所以觉得深色点的布会好些~~
你的手工很不错,真的弄得很美耶~~ 人也美~~手工也美~~~ 加油!! =]

ValerieYan said...


Babe-phyLlis said...

我也赞同你的说法~ 所以还蛮矛盾! 加油~! 会一直支持哦~~~