Monday, March 28, 2011

Embroidery part 2 ( ribbon embroidery)

Welcome to Valerieyan Creation's Embroidery second part :)
Since alot people request a phone casing/cover so I will try to do more
different design. some of them im going to sell them in pipit zakka store by this sat. or you can purchase them on the spot at pipit wonderful market 6 which
going to helf on May 7th at annexe gallery :)
ok, let's start our phone casing. I love the combination baby pink + baby blue.
Super duper sweet when put them together. Love them MAX

Tada~!! Done! :3

Inner :)

Another coin purse & small pouch


This is what I've made today. ribbon embroidery. real silk & not artificial
human made

Family Group Photo's 全家福
Sweet sweet sweet
Hope you like my new creation's ;)


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Simple and cute work.
Embroidery designs