Sunday, October 9, 2011

My first Illustration in Blog :3

My very first Illustration (drawing)  in Blogspot!
It's been a loooooooong time that I din't draw anything via photoshop with my wacom tablet since I started ValerieYan Creation's ( 1 year ). I've almost forgotten I'm used to be an Illustrator. haha. Somehow, this few weeks kinda miss my wacom and decided to re-draw something. BUT! due to my wacom is not with me now, so I just use my laptop touch pad to draw it. haha. Anyway, I will keep on update my new drawing start from today.
So not only handmade you can see from here :) 
Hope you like all my ideas and creations!
(feel free to grab it to use as ur laptop wallpaper/ msn / 
or even share it to your facebook friend!! )