Monday, March 28, 2011

Embroidery part 2 ( ribbon embroidery)

Welcome to Valerieyan Creation's Embroidery second part :)
Since alot people request a phone casing/cover so I will try to do more
different design. some of them im going to sell them in pipit zakka store by this sat. or you can purchase them on the spot at pipit wonderful market 6 which
going to helf on May 7th at annexe gallery :)
ok, let's start our phone casing. I love the combination baby pink + baby blue.
Super duper sweet when put them together. Love them MAX

Tada~!! Done! :3

Inner :)

Another coin purse & small pouch


This is what I've made today. ribbon embroidery. real silk & not artificial
human made

Family Group Photo's 全家福
Sweet sweet sweet
Hope you like my new creation's ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Thanks !!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Embroidery :D

i'm learning it this few days. looks like very easy but not really..haha
need alot patient & time. Soon I will sell my embroidery handmade in
Pipit Wonderful Market

Venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market
date : 7th May 2011
time : 12pm ~ 7pm


Taddaaa~ My embroidery tools
(this is just a small part of it)
Owh well, I spent alot again :(
I'm thinking of buying a small sewing machine, but quite expensive ..
RM700-RM1000++ Not Cheap!! so small why so expensive. lol
so the pouch is all is HAND sew. sakit dan lambat
Mayb after I explore on it first only buy. if not waste money again.

My Sketch on the fabric. Inspired by a Japan girl :3


Done! do you how long it took me how many hours on this small pouch??
!!!!!!10 HOURS!!!!!
actually the ribbon i'm going to remove it cus I don't really like it.
what you think? with ribbon or without nicer?
Gals, I need your opinion :)

Since the front have too many embroid so
i decided the back just use some simple lace to deco.

Alright, here is the second 1, all I want is simple.
so just embroid a few simple flower on it.
my bf & I like this 1 if compare to the top1.
what about you? which1 you prefer? :)

My 2 babies. haha

Lil Sheep with 3D fluffy knot on it's body.
very nice to touch.

Tadaaa! a button/hairclip. I will do more different
animal/flower to sell on Pipit wonderful market on May 7th.
come & grab it if you really want to ^^

I lurve christmas! so I decided to create some snowflakes pattern as well.
hope you like it too :D

Tada, a snowflakes button is done!

Don't forget come to support me at

Venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market

date : 7th May 2011

time : 12pm ~ 7pm


Friday, March 4, 2011

Pipit Wonderful Market 6

Valerieyan Creation's is attending Pipit Wonderful Market 6!!!
venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market
date : 7th May 2011
time : 12pm ~ 7pm