Thursday, September 30, 2010

Preparing for the Pipit Wonderful market 5

Gingy: 'Hello!!'
Hi everyone! It's Been awhile that I never update this blog.
cause I'm currently preparing pipit wonderful market 5 items to sell.
Here is some of the new creations that I've made within this 2-3weeks.
and all of them I'm going bring them to Pipit 5
This batch ring I changed to more detailed and fine. and of course the ring is more complicated and take even more time. It's roughly 2-3hours for 1 ring.
But the outcome is really adorable :)
Gingy as a keychain/ necklace :)


Jun Yue said...

NICE rings!!! I'll make sure I get 1 from you!! love white and pink :) see you there!!!

ValerieYan said...

thanks jun mei!! ok alright! ;D