Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Selling Wool Needle that you never see before in Malaysia!!

*What Is Needle Wool?*
Using a single, barbed special wool needle , wool fibers are ta
ngled and compacted by repeatedly jabbing the needle into the fibers, forming three-dimensional felt sculptures bound only by one’s imagination. In contrast to traditional felt making methods that use water and friction, needle felting is also known as dry felting.

Sculptural Needle Felting is just the coolest thing! First of all the medium is wool... Let's thank the sheep for growing such amazing fiber. I really have a hard time describing the feeling of creating with wool. It must be the organic nature of it; its luster, its smell, its feel... it really is wondrous stuff. The quiet crunching sound that the barbed needle makes as it pokes in and out of the wool is quite soothing. But the greatest thing of all is the moment that lustrous pile of fluff transforms into a character full of charisma and charm.

*Here is some Simple video Tutorial*
You can go youtube search for
羊毛毡手工 or Wool Needle
for more Tutorial :)

Here is some Samples that made by me n others creative people all around the world

!!!!GOOD NEWS is we import them from Japan and selling here in MALAYSIA NOW!!!
Basic Tools
that you needed in this craft
A special wool Needle from Japan and a
special base (this 2 tools can use forever).
and choose the color wool at bottom.

*ColorChart 1 & 2*
(We will import more colors if the respond is good)

*1 set of basic Tools( 1 wool needle and a special base)
*Choose Any 4 colors *FREE ANOTHER 1 COLOR!!
*(each of them 5g each.size is like a fist.
Total is 5g x 5 =25g)
*FREE A mystery gift!!
Promotion price for early bird!!
*RM70 per set*
ready stocks is limited!! ACT FAST
p/s if you think it's expensive, try to think about woolen sweater
is very expensive in market as well :)
Hope you understand

Selling Black hp strap with hook
RM0.40 for each.
Selling Eye stick for animal.
5mm-RM2 per pair

3mm-rm1.50 per pair
2mm-RM1 per pair

~FREE GIFT FOR First 5 customers!!!~


Khai said...

Hi, i love the sheeps, so are you selling the wool only?

ValerieYan said...

Hi there, yes I'm selling the wool only,you can DIY and customize by your own. It's a very simple and easy craft :)
email me if you are intrested ya

thank you!

Red Apple Seed said...

Those dogs r cute~
Wat kind of needle do i need to make it?

ValerieYan said...

hi the apple! yes, im going to sell the needle with the special base for this craft ^^ im arranging the photo's, will upload this few days. please stay tune :)

Yorusama said...

the set for rm70 inculde?

-[AnGeL-a]- said...

Hi Valerie,
I tried looking for the materials in one of the crafts store today and they didn't have it!! Hence, I stumbled across your blog while I was googling :) yay!

Do you still have the felting needle & wool available? Would love to get them! Thanks!

kucharlana-photo said...
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kucharlana-photo said...

Do you still have the felting needle & wool available?

please email me the price...tq


Unknown said...

Hi there, I stumble upon needle felting and also found your blog. Just wondering, do you still have stock for the felting needles? I'm interesting in getting some.

you can contact me at itsjoannalau@gmail.com

eifa90 said...

did u have any more like this???
plis email me the detail


Y.O.L.I.E said...

hi Valerie, do you still selling this set? I am interested to buy... it looks interesting.. My email is yolie_dma@yahoo.com
Thank you very much...! :)

Jumjum said...

Hi Valerie, please say you're still selling this! Please email me: jum_is_me@hotmail.my thanks!

Queencie said...

i m interested too. please email me at daphne_tze@yahoo.com if the stock still available. thanks

Nur Farah Hanis Binti Zaidi Farah said...

Are you still selling this? I wanna buy it. If it still available can you email me? Email me at nfhzaidi@gmail.com

IABZ In Wonderland said...

I wanna buy it . Does the needle and the wool availabe at daiso japan store ??

IABZ In Wonderland said...

Please email me at aisyah.iman2@gmail.com . Thanks , Valerie :)

Celine Gui said...

Are you still selling this?

Cik Lily said...

Please do contact me if these are still on sale

Cik Lily said...

Please do contact me if these are still on sale

HikariSawada said...

Did you still sell this. If yes, please email me. Kikilala19happy@gmail.com

sooraya1988 said...

hi...are these still available?..if yes pls email me shyuhaida@gmail.com ...tq!! :)

Rose Pie said...

hi...are these still available?..if yes pls email me klover857@gmail.com ...tq!! :)

Nurhabibi said...

Hi, please contact me at 5nurhabibi@gmail.com if you still sell the felting needle. Thanks.

ainFarain said...

Hi, do you still sell the felting needle? If so, please contact me at ainfarain01@gmail.com. Thanks:)