Thursday, July 22, 2010

C+C Bazaar day1

Alright, that's me! Valerie Yan!
Nice to meet you!
hehe :D

With Priscilla

with the Cute Customers
Day1 Cookies, swissroll,cakes & many many more :DGingy Family~ Left 2 >.<>Hairband, there is more, but 1 Iraq women
bought 4 of them in 1 shoot. TQ!
but don't have time to take
the photo yet :(
Rings and others :)
Lastly, A big thanks for my 'Sponser' Kevin Woon
Thanks for staying there the
whole day helping
me set up


TBM Designs said...

Love your stuff! The cakes are to die for! :)

Yorusama said...

do u make cherry blossom hair band/hair clips and rings?

i am interested in those

ValerieYan said...

hihi, thanks for loving in my cakes!
Yorusama> hi there, yes, I accept customize :) can you email me bout the details?

Yorusama said...

izzit ok i msn u?

ValerieYan said...

Yes! i've already accepted your add :)
thank you